There will be vacations and staycations

Life happens, whether you are at increased risk for anaphylaxis or not. If you are, you know you need to be extra careful. Priority #1? Do everything you can to avoid your allergens, and be prepared in case you are exposed to an allergen by having an anaphylaxis action plan.

While they don’t take the place of a healthcare professional’s advice, these tips can help you navigate through life as you do your best to avoid potentially severe or life‑threatening allergens.

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Dining out

Home-cooked meals can be delicious, and you get to control the ingredients. But variety is the spice of life, and a food allergy shouldn’t reduce your enjoyment of restaurant dining. Keep these tips in mind when dining out.


New places bring new unknowns. Whether you’re getting there by plane, train or automobile, do your best to prepare for any allergy-related surprises that may arise during your travels.

School and camp

Get a lot of kids together in one place, and who knows what could happen? Which is why, when it comes to anaphylaxis, teachers, counselors, nurses and parents need to be on the same page and have a severe allergic action plan in place. Start here.

Back To School Guide

Are you prepared with a back to school plan? Use this guide to help you put one in place that includes EpiPen® Auto-Injectors, the brand more school nurses have been trained on and taught to administer.*

Holiday Guide

Holiday Guide

Get into the holiday spirit with these tips and ideas — like offering a candy swap on Halloween. Or learn how to read the food label on that Thanksgiving pie. Or get tips on classroom parties for children with life-threatening allergies. All these and more in our holiday guide.

Summer Fun Guide

Summer Fun Guide

Pools, parks, beaches and barbeques. Summer is about fun, and we encourage you to have some as long as you do everything you can to avoid your potentially life-threatening allergens. So, keep cool with these summertime tips.

*Data on file: IMS data from 1987–May 2016, EpiPen4Schools®.