First and foremost: Avoid your allergens.

It may seem like common sense, though it’s worth repeating: The first step in managing life‑threatening allergies is to always avoid your allergens.

LIFE HAPPENS. Be Prepared.®

Being prepared means having a plan to:

  • Avoid known allergens
  • Know what symptoms to watch for
  • Use an EpiPen® (epinephrine injection) Auto-Injector if a life-threatening (severe) allergic reaction occurs
  • Get emergency medical help right away

Knowledge and practice can help you be prepared.

Don't wait until an emergency to learn how to use your EpiPen® Auto‑Injector. Watch the video below for the correct technique. Practice with your EpiPen® Trainers. And make sure everyone who may need to use EpiPen® Auto‑Injector for you or your child or children with potentially life-threatening (severe) allergies does the same. You may order additional EpiPen® Trainers (they're free!) for grandparents, babysitters or anyone else who may one day need to administer EpiPen® Auto‑Injector.

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Prescribing & Patient Information (PDF)

Download this important information about EpiPen® Auto-Injector. If you have any questions about EpiPen® Auto-Injector, be sure to discuss them with your healthcare professional.

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